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June 4th, 2015

On June 4, 2015 we organized a final reception on the occasion of the closing of the project. The final reception took place at the conference room of the hotel Anaklia, in the city Anaklia, in Georgia at 18,00 o´clock. The reception was opened by the presentation of the Georgian project partner “International Humanitarian House” (IHH), presenting the teaching materials for children and didactic materials for teachers used during the teaching, the coverage of the schools in Georgia by our project and the experiences gained during the implementation of the project. There were also short presentation speeches by H.E.Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Georgia, by the Governor of the Samegrelo, Zemo Svaneti region, by the representative of the Ombudsman fur human rights and freedoms of the Samegrelo, Zemo Svaneti region and by the representative of the Slovak project partner – SMDG, Slovakia. Our guests were also directors of the schools and teachers from the region. Our reception was attracted by the representatives of media and the moments of the reception highlighting the importance of the project, its importance for Georgian children, specifically its contribution for the marginalized groups, namely IDPs children from South Ossetia + Abkhazia were broadcasted at the same evening on TV channel „ODISHI“.

May 5th - 8th, 2015

On May 5th – 8th, 2015 the experts from Visegrad 4 countries went to the focus regions of the project: Mtskheta, Zugdidi and Gori and each of them was present directly in the teaching process of the children. Georgian teachers were teaching by using the project materials and documents. V4 experts were present and assisted them during the teaching process.

May 4th, 2015

On May 4th, 2015 we organized a workshop in Zugdidi (Anaklia) for 100 Georgian teachers who were collected from all target project regions. Experts from Visegrad 4 countries together with our Georgian partner – International Humanitarian House – distributed prepared didactic and teaching materials to the invited teachers. Teachers received albums with pictures for their students (each teacher 30 sets) for children to make a unique keepsake to take home. The workshop had following sessions:

Distribution of didactic and teaching materials
Opening speach of H.E. Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Georgia
Opening speach of the Governor of the Samegrelo, Zemo Svaneti region
Opening speach of the Ombudsman for human rights and freedoms of the Samegrelo, Zemo Svaneti region
Introduction to the structure of the didactic and teaching materials
Explanation of the substance of the didactic and teaching materials
Work with the individual rights of the child – for each right of the child 1 picture
Methodology of the teaching process
Practical education – examples of games with children
Discussion and sharing experiences
Individual counselling and coaching

March 9th-10th, 2015 - Tbilisi

On 9th-10th March, 2015 the experts from V4 and International Humanitarian House together with teachers of partnering No.53 Public School of Tbilisi consulted the prepared didactic and teaching materials and provided a pilot teaching and testing of the comprehension of materials in the classroom with children. Children were very creative and helpful and all of us have enjoyed this exercise.

February 6th, 2015 - Georgia - Tbilisi

On February 6, 2015 we organized the kick-off reception to the project. Reception took place in the “Rooms hotel” in Tbilisi, Georgia at 19, 00 o’clock. Our invitation accepted and at the reception participated Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Gigi Gigiadze and Mariam Rakhviashvili, Deputy State Minister of Georgia for European and Euro- Atlantic Integration and representatives of other line ministries of Georgia. Reception started by the project opening presentation of the Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund Ms.Karla Wursterova and our project partners from Poland – Ms.Beata Wojtkowska and from Slovakia – Ms.Olga Algayerova. Our guests were, of course, also Georgian teachers who will be the main implementation resource of our project. After presentation they have shown their keen interest in our project by their active participation in the discussion. Our presentation attracted also media – TV Channels Rustvi2 and GDS TV, recorded and broadcasted our successful event at the same day. At the end of reception all participants celebrated with splendid and tasty cake decorated by logo of Visegrad Fund and flags of all partner´s countries. The representatives of embassies of all V4 countries were our guests of honor.

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